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01 Jul 2017

Murderino: A coloring book for fans of the My Favorite Murder podcast

by Katy Dayle Morrison

-DOWNLOAD BOOK Murderino: A coloring book for fans of the My Favorite Murder podcast

Murderino: The Coloring Book for Fans of the My Favorite Murder Podcast

Here’s the thing. Calm the [expletive] down with this off-color coloring book for discerning adults who don’t want to be stabbed in the head. All your favorite quotes from the My Favorite Murder Podcast, featuring foul-mouthed hosts Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark (Killhard, if they had a celebrity supercouple name).

Color your way to serenity - or at least some semblance of sanity – with these hand-drawn reflections on homicide. Enjoy coarse language juxtaposed...

29 Jun 2017

Churchill and the Dardanelles

by Christopher M. Bell

DOWNLOAD BOOK Churchill and the Dardanelles

The failed naval offensive to force a passage through the Straits of the Dardanelles in 1915 drove Winston Churchill from office in disgrace and nearly destroyed his political career. For over a century, the Dardanelles campaign has been mired in myth and controversy. For some, it was a brilliant concept that might have dramatically shortened the First World War and saved millions of lives. For others, it was fundamentally misconceived and doomed to fail. Churchill
is either the hero of the story, or the villain.

Drawing on a wide range of original documents, Christopher M. Bell shows that both perspectives are flawed. Bell provides a...

26 Jun 2017

History of the Rebellion of 1745-6 (Classic Reprint)

by Robert Chambers

----DOWNLOAD BOOK History of the Rebellion of 1745-6 (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from History of the Rebellion of 1745-6

James, sixth of Scotland and first of England, was the common progenitor of the two families whose contentions for the throne Of Great Britain form the subject of this work. He was succeeded, at his death in 162 5, by his eldest surviving son Charles.

Charles I., after a reign of twenty-three years, the latter portion of which had been spent in war with a party of his subjects, perished on the scaffold in 1649.

Charles IL, eldest son of Charles I., lived in exile for eleven years after the death of his father, during which time the govern ment...